Know Agro-Know: Meet Kelly Tzirita


I still remember the time when the only two agronomists of Agro-Know were Babis and me, which may sound strange for a company named Agro-Know; however, it is obvious that what we are doing here in Agro-Know goes much further than a typical agricultural information management and related tasks. The team includes a number of people with different backgrounds, skills and expertise.

Things have changed in the meantime and Kelly is currently the sixth (!!) agronomist in the team (Babis, Maritina, Thodoris, Vasilis and me being the rest). She is currently helping us organize the huge list of contacts that we have acquired throughout the years and during good (and great sometimes!) collaborations in the context of projects and contracts – and this is only a part of her internship! Let’s see what Kelly has responded to our (typical) questions:

You are one of the latest interns to join the Agro-Know team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agro-Know job opening ?

Actually I discovered you by chance! While I was searching on the internet for interesting job opportunities, I saw a company named Agro-Know that was looking for interns with an agricultural background so I started a research on Agro-Know’s profile. I was amazed by your work and I decided to send my CV. Although I wasn’t familiar with data organization, data management etc., I thought it could be really challenging for me to work to a totally new field. And I was right!


What is your educational background and which is your current role in the Agro-Know team?

I am a graduate of the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department of Agricultural University of Athens and right now I am an account management intern in Agro-Know where I provide assistance to the management of the Agro-Know’s customer accounts.

What do you find interesting in your work with Agro-Know so far? Do you see any challenges in your daily routine at the office?

I am happy that I have the chance to meet new people who are always willing to help me and I hope that I will learn as many things as I can during my internship.


You are one of the agronomists of the team; do you feel that your background helps you with your current tasks?

At this particular moment, I can’t say that I am using any theoretical or practical skills from my agricultural studies; however I can recognize the importance of organizations that Agro-Know collaborates with and now I realize how powerful the combination of technology and agriculture can be.

What are your hobbies / How do you spend your free time?

Kelly's dogI love board games and in my free time I enjoy playing Ticket to ride (which is my favorite!) with my friends. I also like watching tv series and reading books and of course everyday I dedicate a few minutes to go for a walk with my dog, Diana!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter (@tzikelly).

Favorite kind of music?

I usually listen to pop and rock music.

(note from Vassilis: Glad to hear that; the rock community of Agro-Know keeps expanding!)

Which was the last book you read / movie you watched?

The previous month, during my everyday “travel” to work, I read The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Hwang Sun-mi and Paper towns by John Green. I am a huge fan of animated films so the last movie I watched was Big Hero 6. I loved it!

What was the last gadget you bought and why you bought it?

I hate mornings and in order to wake up easier, I recently bought a radio clock. I believe this would be considered as a gadget back in the 90’s!

(note from Vassilis: Yes, it would!)

Anything else to share with us?

A song to make your day! Thank you Vassilis for this interview!


I would also like to thank Kelly who provided us with her feedback to our questions; it is a pleasure having her in the team! Btw, the song selection was great 🙂

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