Describing a data management plan for your Horizon 2020 proposal


For those interested in submitting a proposal in the next Horizon 2020 calls on Blue Growth, Sustainable Food Security & Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy they have to hurry; these calls have a deadline on 11/6/2015, so in less than one month.

Agro-Know has a long experience in the aforementioned thematic areas, through its involvement in related projects and initiatives; for example, as regards the Blue Growth, we were involved in the iMarine project (mostly through our agINFRA FP7 project as well as the role of our CEO Nikos Manouselis in iMarine’s advisory board) while our collaboration with the Hasselt University (Belgium) during the VOA3R ICT-PSP project brought our attention to the wealth of bibliographic data available in the oceanography, marine science, fisheries and aquaculture context through the OceanDocs repository (among others).

During the last years, Agro-Know focused not only on the management & implementation of our EU-funded projects, but starting with our latest ones (ICT-PSP, FP7 and Horizon 2020), we have worked on analyzing the European Commission’s Open Access policy that was optional for the former (e.g. read about the FP7 Open Access pilotPDF) and mandatory for the latter. Our agINFRA project actually published a set of open access recommendations for the Horizon 2020 projects.

This was followed by our work on the description of the research open data management plans, that are currently optional for some of the Horizon 2020 calls but mandatory for some others (including the ones that we have in our radar) through the Horizon 2020 Open Research Data pilot (PDF).

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Our experience so far (keep in mind that Agro-Know actually participates in the preparation of various Horizon 2020 proposals and is already involved in Horizon 2020 projects!) has shown that in order for a Horizon 2020 proposal to be competitive, it has to include a well-defined Data Management Plan. By including a good Data Management Plan in a proposal that literally requests funding by the European Commission (EC) to produce research data, you indicate that the project-to-be has the potential (and expertise) to actually publish these data openly, making them available to all stakeholders in the corresponding research community, thus maximizing the impact of the funding received through the EC – and this is what the EC needs to see.

in order for a Horizon 2020 proposal to be competitive, it has to include a well-defined Data Management Plan.

So, if you plan to submit a proposal in one of the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls and you feel like you could use some help with the Data Management Plan, you could save yourself some time by allowing our Agro-Know Stem experts to provide you the necessary texts for your proposal – for free! – in just 10 minutes; just click the button below 🙂



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