Know Agro-Know: Meet Efi Kotsianou


Our Data team is growing stronger with the recruitment of new members with expertise in information and data management. One of these cases is Efi Kotsianou, who currently supports the Agro-Know Data team in various processes related to metadata management (but not limited to that!). Efi has recently been involved in the newly announced AGRIS data service, among others.

Let’s see what Efi has responded to our questions:

You are one of the latest interns to join the Agro-Know team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agro-Know job opening ?

As I can say now, I  learned about Agro-Know last year from a professor in my university, who organizes the internships. Although, I studied in Thessaloniki and  I would like to extent my staying there  for more six months, I chose to come back in Athens, because of Agro-Know, as I think, that it’s a good opportunity for me to learn many interesting things related to my studies in Information Systems.

Efi in Thessaloniki

Efi in Thessaloniki

What is your educational background and which is your current role in the Agro-Know team?

I am studying Librarianship and Information Systems in Thessaloniki and now I am doing my internship in Agro-Know’s Data Team.

What do you find interesting in your work with Agro-Know so far? Do you see any challenges in your daily routine at the office?

The main thing is that within a month being in Agro-Know I’ve learned many interesting things, that they could help me a lot in the future and especially I would like to note, that everyone is willing to help me and guide me in everything I need. Moreover, I think that an office job is for me and I can imagine myself working in a place like Agro-Know.


What are your hobbies / How do you spend your free time?

I like very much sports, I think I pass through many sports like basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming but my only love and everlasting  one is football. Also, I enjoy travelling with my friends, so I spend my free time to organize our mini trips.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me in many of social media, such as FacebookTwitterInstagram and Linkedin

Favorite kind of music?

I think that I am listening a variety of music, in depends on my mood and  my company. Actually, I don’t have a favorite kind of music, but If I have to choose between all, I would prefer electronic music like house, trap and RnB music.


Which was the last book you read / movie you watched?

Although, I am studying librarianship I don’t like so much reading books, but as I remember the last book I have read was “The Island” written by Victoria Hislop. My last movie was “American Sniper”. 

If you asked me which was the last TV series I watched, I don’t know what to tell you, because I am watching 5 or 6 series at this period, especially American ones.

What was the last gadget you bought and why you bought it?

My last gadget is a mobile phone (I got it some days ago and I feel very excited) . I bought it, because I would prefer to leave my last “poor” phone in my drawer rather than finding it broken in the garbage because of its un-usefulness.

We would like to thank Efi for the interesting responses to our questions and wish her a fruitful internship in Agro-Know!

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