Agro-Know Admin Department at a Glance

The Admin (Admin) is one of the four Agro-Know Departments. Since 2009 Admin team in Agro-Know is evolving and growing inside and together with Agro-Know itself. Our fours teams are supporting Agro-Know in all its businesses:

1) Office management. For the last 1.5 years we are having two offices with 25 people working in them full-time or part-time. Office management team is supporting all the logistics, secretary works, provisions of consumables etc. In two words – keeping the everyday work environment and work process smooth and flawless. Athina Makri undertakes all these tasks and many more.

2) Project Management Office. Probably the oldest admin team with its rules, workflows, etc.  This team supports project management team and financial team of Agro-Know, by providing all the necessary guidelines, procedures, reports, etc. that arise from the project requests. Since work in Agro-Know means a lot of travel for some of our people – PMO team also takes care of sending, accommodating and returning all Agro-Know’ers safely and seamlessly. Our strict and the best PMO ever Laura Gavrilut.

3) Finance and Accounting team. Dimitra Mermigki takes a GREAT (!) care of our Finance and Accounting issues. The name says on its own – counting, assigning, paying and hunting. All stands for money.

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4) HR team. I would say the newest team in Agro-Know. This team deals with the most sensitive and important part of the company – its people. It is mostly not about hiring, interviewing and evaluating the personnel, but about development, evolvement and happiness of people, embedding and enhancing AK unique culture and values. HR team in Agro-Know has one more name – Culture and Talent Development, which you don’t see very often in the working and employment market. It needs a lot of innovative thinking, creativity and light-hand. Christina Papachristou is an intern in Agro-Know who is helping us with managing our talents and making them even brighter.

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