AGRIS new data service supported by Agro-Know stem is up and running!


We are happy to announce that AGRIS new content providers service is now up and running. The new online service is supported through the Agro-Know stem service. Our goal is to facilitate the submission of data to AGRIS by content providers and their interaction with AGRIS data processing unit!


The new online service gives the option at new providers to register using improved registration forms and to AGRIS content providers to submit their data in a more efficient way! As you will see in the main page we provide the following 4 categories:

View the AGRIS network
Contributing bibliographic information
Using AGRIS bibliographic information
Asking questions

The first category presents an overview of the AGRIS network visualized in a map. Through the second category, content providers interact with the AGRIS data processing unit, either for registering in the AGRIS Network or for contributing their collections. The category “Using AGRIS bibliographic information” allows users to create their own websites with their bibliographic collections. This function will be available by the end of May 2015,
so we encourage AGRIS content providers to submit their requests so that they will be one of the first to get the service! In the last section AGRIS content providers can find a list with common problems related to AGRIS data processing as well as a contact form to interact with the AGRIS data processing unit.

In the near future, an extra service will be launched. The purpose of this extra service will be to allow content providers to track the status
and the progress of their submitted requests.

We are looking forward to your feedback! You can always leave your comment here!

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