2015 Copernicus Masters: Big Data Challenge included


We were recently informed about the 2015 Copernicus Masters competition, an annual competition that aims to make good use of open satellite data, raising at the same time awareness about environmental issues (and how they can be solved through apps making use of satellite data). However, this time the competition looked even more appealing to the Agro-Know team due to the fact that one of the nine (9) in total challenges of this year’s competition is a Big Data Challengea fact that would be of specific interest to the Big Data Europe project that we participate in, focusing on the Food & Agriculture societal challenges.

Copernicus_Masters2015 Copernicus Masters – the Earth Monitoring Competition is still open for submissions until 30/5/2015 – with further industry leaders as partners and a prize pool worth well over EUR 300,000. But there is more than cash: The prizes available for the winners include support in bringing the winning idea to market, exclusive data access, and the chance to enter the incubation programme of one of Europe’s 11 ESA Business Incubation Centres (BICs). The overall winner of the challenge will also receive an additional EUR 20,000 in cash and satellite data worth EUR 60,000!

Ensure a successful submission to the Big Data Challenge

T-Systems International GmbH, a company that operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, will award the prize for its Big Data Challenge of the Copernicus Masters to the best Copernicus application or service idea that will be established during a 4-week sandbox exercise on a big data analytics. Of particular interest are solutions that offer benefits to European citizens and their public administrations such as increased demand for mobility, urban logistics, and tourism while simultaneously reducing negative environmental impacts.


Data sources

For the Space App Camps initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and organised by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen, a dedicated API framework for iOS and Android has been developed. This API enables developers to easily integrate maps in their apps providing their users with compelling visualisations of Geo-information. From time-series to snapshots from Space, with the Ramani API maps become truly interactive making smartphone apps more engaging and fun.

In line with its data and information policy, the Copernicus programme provides users with free, full and open access to environmental data. Depending on their needs, users can obtain these data either from the Copernicus services or directly from the Copernicus satellites.

Submission Deadline

The Copernicus Masters T-Systems Big Data invites entrants to submit their applications from 15 April to 31 May 2015 at www.copernicus-masters.com.

More information is available at the competition website.

About Copernicus

Copernicus is the most ambitious Earth observation programme to date. It will provide accurate, timely and easily accessible information to improve the management of the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security. Copernicus is the new name for the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme, previously known as GMES. This initiative is headed by the European Commission (EC) in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), which coordinates the delivery of data from upwards of 30 satellites.

Since 2011, the Copernicus Masters competition has showcased the most innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. Its purpose is to drive the development of market-oriented applications for utilising data generated through Europe’s Copernicus programme.

Read more about Copernicus Masters here.

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