3rd International Open Data Conference 2015 (IODC15)

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OpenDataCon2015 logoThe 3rd International Open Data Conference 2015 (IODC15will take on May 28-29, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. It is a global event jointly organized by the Government of Canada, Canada’s International Development Research Centre, and the World Bank. The Conference will engage sector and open data experts, senior government officials, industry leaders, and civil society champions from around the world in open discussions and collaborative work that will lead to a data revolution.

A number of friends and acquaintances of Agro-Know will be participating to the event, including Liz Carolan & Fiona Smith from the Open Data Institute (ODI), Cathie Woteki (USDA; yes, Nikos has actually met her!), Kim Mallalieu (we had the pleasure to meet her during the GODAN/CIARD Consultation Meeting in 2014), Federico Sancho (IICA) Martin Parr (CABI, a person really active in the agricultural knowledge community) and Ben Schaap (a precious member of the GODAN Secretariat). We are sure that many more are also travelling to Ottawa for the Conference but it is not easy to tell.

The list of the Conference speakers highlights the significance of this event and makes us confident about the impact that it will have on shaping the future steps of open data; after all, the motto of the Conference is “Enabling the Data Revolution”!

Why is this event important for a Greek SME like Agro-Know?

Well, for various reasons:

First of all, Agro-Know is an SME that is developing solutions and providing added-value services based on open agri-food data, so we have a special interest in ensuring that open data models will be adopted by as many agri-food data providers as possible! Only then we will be able to provide high-quality services on high-quality data from high-quality open data sources, thus serving stakeholders, such as researchers, educators, data journalists and other data consumers.

GODANIn addition, Agro-Know is one of the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) members and is actively supporting the initiative. GODAN members (including the GODAN Secretariat) will attend the Conference and among others, will facilitate the session on Data + Agriculture (Thursday, May 28, 13:30 – 15:30 Ottawa Time). This event is one of GODAN’s milestones and will provide the opportunity to publicly share the GODAN Discussion Paper, that aims to provide the mean for discussions and formulate the next steps in the context of open data in the agriculture and food sectors.

ODI_logoLast but not least (I hope!), one of the Agro-Know team members was actively involved in the development of this GODAN Discussion Paper; indeed, I feel really proud and honored to have been selected as the agricultural researcher (see here the call for tenders) to work with the ODI and CABI teams and contribute to the report by providing the agricultural use cases, parts related to the potential impacts of open data on global agriculture and nutrition and other parts in this report. This was materialized through a contract with the Open Data Institute (ODI, UK) between April and May 2015 – the whole collaborative process involving the ODI & CABI teams as well as other individuals with expertise in open data was an amazing experience (I need to write a series of blog posts about that!).

Liz Carolan from ODI (who was coordinating this collaborative development of the GODAN Discussion Paper) as well as Martin Parr (GODAN’s Operations Director, among others) from CABI will be there (both of them significantly contributed to the Discussion Paper and they are probably the ones to announce it during the Conference), so I hope that the outcome will make them proud (at least as proud as I am)  🙂

How can you keep up with the IODC15 news and have your say?

If you want to keep updated with all news of the Opendatacon, you can:

  • attend the webcast during the event
  • follow the tweets using the #IODC15 hashtag and tweet yourself/respond to tweets using the same hashtag;
  • read and respond to the IODC15 blog posts, shaping the agenda;
  • download the smartphone app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices from here.

Final note

Searching for tweets related to the Conference, we realized that there were two different hashtags used for the same purpose (#IODC2015 & #IODC15) which is surely not a good practice (as it will render the aggregation of tweets difficult for those of us who remotely attend the event and will have to depend on the tweets for getting up to date); however, the organizers of the Conference clearly endorse the use of the latter ( #IODC15). 

We took the initiative to inform the participants (and others tweeting about the event) and kindly ask them to use only the shorter one (#IODC15). We hope that through retweeting we will manage to spread the word and ensure that at least most of the tweets will be shared using one of these tweets. I am really curious to see if this will have actually some impact on the hashtag used…

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