ECVET-STEP: Strengthening Training to Employment Pathways in Agriculture


ECVET-STEP_logoECVET-STEP is a project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The project’s mission is to support European citizens and industry to “take the ECVET STEP”: adopt and use ECVET through a step-wise, quality-controlled framework and online services for building knowledge-based employment for the 21st century and beyond.

For those not familiar with the concept, ECVET is the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training, which aims to:

  • make it easier for people to get validation and recognition of work-related skills and knowledge acquired in different systems and countries – so that they can count towards vocational qualifications;
  • make it more attractive to move between different countries and learning environments;
  • increase the compatibility between the different vocational education and training (VET) systems in place across Europe, and the qualifications they offer;
  • increase the employability of VET graduates and the confidence of employers that each VET qualification requires specific skills and knowledge.

You can find more info about ECVET on the ECVET team website.

ECVET-STEP aims to make use of the existing ECVET system, facilitating the transfer, accumulation and recognition of credits and learning outcomes or competence acquired otherwise between countries, thus promoting mobility learning in VET. Towards this aim, the main goal of ECVET STEP is to bridge the gap between descriptions of job profiles and training opportunities, while at the same time promoting mobility of people engaging in VET activities.


The ECVET-STEP project flyer

Consequently the vision of ECVET-STEP is to bridge requirements and demands between training and employment for all European citizens and industry in agriculture, by establishing ECVET-based vocational education and training and providing innovative technological tools and services.

ECVET-STEP aims to strengthen Training to Employment Pathways in agriculture through the use and adoption of ECVET!

The project builds on the outcomes of past EU-funded projects, which Agro-Know has been an active member of, such as eCOTOOL, WACOM (WAter COmpetences Model Transfer), AGRICOM (AGRIcultural COMpetences) and even Organic.Edunet and VOA3R.


The project consortium consists of eight (8) partners from all over EU:

In addition, Agro-Know team members offer their services to the project as external consultants.

Media Center

Through the project’s Media Center, you can have access to outcomes of the project, such as deliverables and dissemination material. More specifically, you

Social Media

You can follow the project’s news and outcomes, as well as news on Vocational Education and Training by following ECVET-STEP on Twitter and Facebook. You can also find project-related photos on the project’s Flickr photostream.

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