Agro-Know joins the ODI Train the Trainer course on Open Data


It has only been a while since I had the pleasure to collaborate with the ODI team (among others) for the development of the GODAN Discussion Paper; now, another opportunity for collaboration between Agro-Know and ODI is in the works!

Stoitsis_GiannisMore specifically, our COO Giannis Stoitsis is traveling to the ODI premises in London next week, in order to attend the week-long Train the Trainer course which will allow him to become one of the ODI registered trainers. Giannis is going to be the one out of only two people selected by ODI Athens, one of the ODI nodes, for this specific training. It should be noted that apart from all the other open data related activities of Agro-Know, Giannis is actively involved in the Open Data Working Group of ELLAK and he was the driving force behind the agri-food lab of the Athens Open Data Day 2015.

As a next step, Giannis will be added to the ODI Athens Trainers’ registry and will be eligible for delivering seminars for the training of trainers coming from the ELLAK pool (or the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society – GFOSS in English). Last, but not least, he will have the opportunity to meet the wonderful ODI team and get a glimpse of their lovely corporate culture for an entire week!

You can read more about the Train the Trainer course on the ODI website; I really hope that Giannis will manage to share his experiences with the rest of us through a future blog post 🙂

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