The Saffron-OMICS workshop as a source of agri-food research data requirements


Saffronomics-Fa1101bSaffron-OMICSOmics Technologies for Crop Improvement, Traceability, Determination of Authenticity, Adulteration and Origin in Saffron is a COST Action  (FA1101) on Food & Agriculture (FA) that aims to:

  • Strengthen the network of collaborative research on the structural organization of Saffron genome, DNA fingerprinting, chemical fingerprinting, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics of this crop and
  • define a common strategy to the final goal of preserving Crocus biodiversity, to carry out genetic improvement and to protect quality, sustainability, and safety of production of saffron in Europe.

Between May 14-15 2015, Saffron-OMICS organized a workshop titled “Advances in molecular and phytochemical fingerprinting for traceability and authenticity of saffron”, hosted by the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The workshop panel consisted of project partners and invited speakers who discussed on topics related to the project, while the agenda is available here (PDF).

Our Customer Relations Manager Charalampos Thanopoulos was invited to make a presentation on “How can the FA1101 COST Action Saffron-OMICS meet the Horizon 2020 Open Access policy requirements?”. The presentation discussed issues related to the dissemination of agri-food research outcomes and the role of the Horizon 2020 Open Access mandate.


The presentation was made as a part of Agro-Know’s contributions to the Big Data Europe Horizon 2020 project, that aim to collect requirements from the agri-food research community covering all aspects of “publishing and consuming semantically interoperable, large-scale, multi-lingual data assets and knowledge“. After the end of the presentation, the Workshop participants were asked to provide their feedback on a short questionnaire regarding the issues that they are facing in terms of research data management.

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