AK Value of the Month (May): One happy family (or how to find the next Picasso)

The winner, CEO Nikos Manouselis with '1 Χάπι family" drawing (if lost in translation, happy=Χάπι-->pill in Greek)

In May’s All-Hands session, the 10th and last commandment of Agro-Know values ‘One happy family‘ was chosen by Kelly and George (ladies first) and they managed to make a buzz around it!

The value meaning comes further into that  ‘We want to build a family, not just a team. We manage our teams fairly, effectively and with a sharp focus on our common goals. We serve those we lead by removing obstacles and enabling our people to succeed. We watch out for each other and care for each other

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Agro-Knowers’ versions of ‘One Happy Family


They made us compete by drawing our personal version of “One Happy Family”. The hidden talents of Agro-Know sharpened their pencils and grabbed their pens. The visual versions of ‘One Happy family’ were diverse and all signed with lots of personal style! But,  the winner of the ‘competition’ was the CEO, Nikos Manouselis (for the first time in his history as he marked down)!!!

Even though it may seem like an innocent, enjoying and childish task to complete in 10 minutes and after that voting anonymously on the two drawings we liked the most, do not buy into it!!! Their plan is to get rich by finding the next Picasso within Agro-Know 😉

Could an Agro-Knower become the next Picasso? Picasso, 1917

Voila the 10 simple steps that they followed (I found their plan accidentally on a piece of paper, thrown away):

1) Become part of the Agro-Know team and if you are already there, show that you are soooooo bored and busy to take action upon the Value Session.

2) On the contrary, show devotion and enthusiasm only for your work, so as the Admin team will consider you as the perfect candidate for the session.

3) Hurray!!!You are the chosen!!!Now, time for your evil plan.

4) Carefully choose your value-must somehow offer some space for creativity.

5) Make the process seem like a game, so that even the most reluctant person will show their talent and will participate (some of the rarest talents were introverts)

6) Encourage a little bit of competition and say that you will nominate him/her something like “The perfect representative of the Value” or something that they will all want to achieve.

7) Make the crowd –aka the Agro-Knowers– decide upon the winner, through democratic procedures.

8) Celebrate the winner and acknowledge his/her eminent style and talent. After all, he or she is the one that got all the attention and won the heart of the Agro-Know-crowd.

The winner, CEO Nikos Manouselis with ‘1 Χάπι family” drawing (if lost in translation, happy=Χάπι–>pill in Greek)

9)  Secretly, pick up the two-three drawings that did not get any attention or got the most bizarre comments.

10) There you are you have your winner!!!! Take a picture of the drawings, upload the pictures on a selling platform like etsy or society6



Beach at the Bahamas

soon, their talent will be acknowledged by the art-like world and you will be flying to Bahamas!!!!


Kelly and George, thank you for the Value session and hope you remember how you got rich when you will be lying on the beach in the Bahamas!


  1. That was not fair: even my 5-year old son would have drawn something much more interesting than me…next time let’s do something that does not have to do with creativity and artistic skills – e.g. a crossword challenge! 😛

  2. I partly agree with Vassilis on the fairness of the initiative. I think that there was indeed a masterplan behind this competition, if not to find the next Picasso, but I am quite sure that it had something to do with the pharmaceutical sector and the increase of pills (=χάπι) sales… And I would also suggest that we take it up a notch for next time and compete in something more physical like hitting a basketball court or a paintball arena, where more AK values could emerge (I can think of at least four values..)!!!

  3. Haha I cannot believe that you uncovered our plan 😛 I was a bit anxious about the success of the session but I had a great team with me (George and our guide Christina :-)) and fortunately the plan worked! Thank you all for your energy!


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