Horizon 2020 SIEGRUD on Social Innovations

SI Hubs Architecture

Agro-Know is part of the consortium that submitted on June 11th, 2015, a proposal called “SIEGRUD: Social Innovations and Enhanced Governance for Rural Development“, in response to H2020 Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy/ISIB-3-2015/Topic: Unlocking the growth potential of rural areas through enhanced governance and social innovation.


SIEGRUD will provide decision makers in the public and private sectors of the rural economy with sophisticated diagnostic tools, manuals, and a set of alternative strategic and policy options to explain, evaluate and enable the development of social innovations (SIs) in agriculture, forestry, and rural development, in order to achieve smart, innovative and inclusive growth. This set of instruments we call Capabilities Arsenal and will be web-based and designed so as to foster the creation of networks of social innovators in rural areas.

Agro-Know is in charge of the Data Management Plan, the development of an Data Powered Online Platform and the Social Innovation Hubs.

The Data Management Plan (DMP) is something that is connected to our core business (check the Agro-Know stem services for proposals and projects). The DMP will outline how research data will be handled during and after the project, describing what data will be collected, processed or generated and what methodology and standards will be followed, whether and how this data will be shared and/or made open, and how it will be curated and preserved. As an example, DMP defines how the project coordinator will monitor, track and disseminate information about the project’s produced research publications and data sets to the relevant channels (such as agINFRA so that they are included in the European research e-infrastructure of OpenAIRE, the CIARD RING, and the Horizon 2020 CSA Big Data Europe)

The Data Powered Online Platform will support the social innovation in rural areas by combining and visualising social, economic and other data of the agriculture, forestry and rural development area. The proposed platform will allow users to store social economic data coming from the partners, connect them with other data sources in order to visualize the social innovation opportunities.

A number of customised Social Innovation Hubs (SI Hubs) will be set up to facilitate the communities around each SI studied. Each SI Hub will have the form of a customised portal that will use material from the central database of the Capabilities Arsenal but will be more focused on the resources that better suit the needs of this specific community. The administrators of each SI Hub will have access to a dashboard that will provide usage analytics and allow them to select from the material available in the central platform. Data added to a local SI Hub will also be added to the main platform to be reused by other communities. The Hubs will enable us to open the data chosen by the communities, offering them in a form appropriate for use by other thematic hubs (eg FAO AGRIS), EC funded research projects, communities and developers.

SI Hubs Architecture

The Social Innovations Hubs Architecture

The SI Hubs will assume the look and feel of existing web portals currently owned and/or used by the communities of the LLs. Experience from past projects (e.g., Rural Inclusion, Natural Europe, Organic Lingua, etc.) showed that the creation of a new central platform outside the platforms/portals that the communities are currently using might not achieve the desired impact due to low acceptance rate, regardless of the usefulness of the new services and content. Coupling the central platform with personalised instances integrated with the platforms used by the communities helps with the adoption rate multiplying the impact, while at the same time having access to all the benefits of collecting all the information in a central database/platform. In the context of the project a total of four (4) personalized SI Hubs will be created. Taking advantage of the SI Hub Generator will allow the rest of the engaged LLs to setup on their own their personalised SI Hubs to serve the needs of their communities.

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