Working on the conceptual design of TAPipedia


As you may already know, Agro-Know CEO Nikos Manouselis is currently working on the conceptual design of TAPipedia. For those not familiar with the concept, TAPipedia is expected to help TAP members and other stakeholders address a number of challenges relevant for a more coherent delivery of Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS). To be more precise, it is expected to be one of the three major outcomes of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (for more info about TAP scroll at the end of this post), aiming to be “a global information system for innovation outputs, success stories, socioeconomic impacts, lessons learned, and analyses of impacts“. TAPipedia is expected to include virtual collaboration tools and media, and could result in the identification of demands for new areas of agricultural research.

During the last weeks, a report currently consisting of more than 120 pages has been developed, describing a suggested architecture for TAPipedia, along with a corresponding slide deck (which provides a more visualized form of the report). The report includes information on the high-level architecture as well as TAPipedia envisaged software components, based on the requirements collected during several occasions in the past – including face to face meetings, regional assessments, online surveys and interactive sessions, among others.

Webinars@AIMSA Webinar@AIMS titled “Designing TAPipedia: an information sharing platform for Capacity Development on Agricultural Innovation Systems in the Tropics” took place today (18/6/2015) between 15.00-16.10 (GMT+3) and it was attended by about 15 people – most of them TAP network members. The aim of this webinar was to provide members of the TAP CD Expert Group with an overview of the proposed TAPipedia architecture, including parts on the methodology and the selection process for the proposed components and allow them to ask questions as well as to provide their feedback.

The webinar consisted of three parts:

  1. an introduction to the Tropical Agriculture Platform by Dr. Karin Nichterlein, Coordinator of TAP,
  2. the main presentation of the TAPipedia architecture by Nikos.
  3. an interactive session, consisting of Q & A on the proposed overall architecture & the individual components, additional comments and general feedback by the participants.


During the last session a relatively high number of questions was posed, expressing the interest of the participants in the content of the slides. While most of the questions were answered during the webinar, these questions will be addressed and taken into consideration for the next version of the deliverable

The next steps include a 10-days period during which TAP partners will be asked to provide their feedback on the proposed architecture of TAPipedia through a short online survey, through which additional requirements will be collected shaping the next (and final?) version of the report.

About TAP

In developing countries, most of the challenges facing agriculture and natural resources management can be addressed through innovation. But many developing countries don’t have sufficient resources or capacities to develop their innovation systems effectively. The “capacity gap” is worse in the tropics, where poverty is pervasive. In fact, investments in agricultural innovation in low-income tropical countries are less than 10 percent of the total global investment in agricultural R&D.

In an effort to address this problem, the G20 Agriculture Ministers requested that FAO lead the development of TAP. The G8 leadership also endorsed the development of TAP. TAP was launched at the first G20-led Meeting of Agriculture Chief Scientists (MACS) in September 2012 in Mexico.

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