Agro-Know at the Wheat Data Interoperability Group meeting

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Wheat Data WG_logoThe Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group is one of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) groups that Agro-Know actively supports and contributes to.  Just a couple of months before the 6th RDA plenary which will take place between 23-25 September 2015 in Paris, France, the group organized a face to face meeting at INRA premises, Versailles, France. The Wheat Group meeting is taking place between 29-30 of June 2015 (so practically today and tomorrow) and our colleague Charalampos (Babis) Thanopoulos is already in Versailles, attending the meeting.

Babis will present a newly proposed Agro-Know contribution to the group; it refers to the mapping of people (researchers) and organizations (among others) that are activated in wheat research at a global level. Through a short and focused survey, we aim to use our experience in similar efforts (see for example the recently launched agINFRA-powered campaign that aims to create the European map of research projects, initiatives and institutions on big data in agri-food sector).

Apart from that, Agro-Know has contributed to the Wheat group’s “cookbook” which provides a wealth of information on wheat research data management that aims to help researchers to create, manage and exchange Wheat Data. The cookbook provides information on metadata standards, classification schemas, guidelines and good practices on wheat research data management as well as information on the group’s aims, objectives and activities. The cookbook has been transformed in the form of the “Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines” website, which makes information easier to access, update and use.

You can find the programme of the workshop on the WDI website.

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