Agro-Know: Doing business as usual!


During the last days (or even weeks) we receive a number of kind inquiries from friends, colleagues, customers and collaborators around the world, asking us about the current situation in Greece and how this affects our work. The answer is simple: No matter what happens outside the Agro-Know office in Athens, we are doing business as usual!

The Agro-Know team, having the flexibility of operational bases in both Greece and Belgium, is working full speed on various tasks, just before our summer holidays begin:

#LifeAtAK: Doing business as usual, no matter what’s going on outside the office!

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We would like to thank everyone for contacting us and sharing their concerns about the situation in Greece. Our team in Athens faces the practical difficulties with a smile and hard work (as always). We walk forward with pride, doing business as usual, and not letting the political turbulence affect neither the quality or the quantity of our work!

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