agINFRA 5th project meeting


agINFRA_logo_newThe agINFRA 5th project meeting took place during the 15th and 16th of January 2014. The meeting was hosted at the Computer and Automation Research InstituteHungarian Academy of Sciences (SZTAKI) premises in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary and the AK team was represented by Nikos Manolis. It seems that the project loves Budapest, as a lot of agINFRA related events take place there; of course it is convenient thanks to its location and easily accessible from most European capitals, SZTAKI has proven to be an excellent host and of course the city itself is lovely!

With agINFRA project having not only European but also international partners, the meeting was a great opportunity for the project’s partners to come together and discuss for the project plan over the next year. Unfortunately key members of the consortium where not able to make it to the meeting, as GuntramJohannes and of course Babis, and their input was missed, but the meeting provided an opportunity for partners  to meet with the Chinese colleagues from the AΙΙ-CAAS and Xavier Ochoa from ESPOL who travelled so far to join the consortium partners in Budapest.

The meeting also took place a month after the 2nd review meeting and this allowed the feedback received so far to be discussed discussed and notes from the review meeting to be compared leading to the identification of all aspects that need to be improved over the next period.

Entering the third and last year of the project, agINFRA has still a long way to go with our efforts focusing on a shift towards different types of data and engaging more users through our training and evaluation sessions. The agINFRA web site was also discussed and we all hope that the revamped site will manage to get the desired outcome.

Overall the meeting was a success creating the basis and the work plan for the upcoming year.

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