Introducing the Greek Vitis initiative


With many majors initiatives taking place all around the world, like the GODAN initiative (more information can be found here) and the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and with Agro-Know being an important member actively supporting and contributing to many of these initiatives, as in the case of many of the RDA groups and their data interoperability activities, it is time for a Greek initiative that will particularly focus on one of the oldest crops in the world, the grapevine, and thus the domain of viticulture. In collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, we are launching an effort that will try to create an online map of research and innovation of relevant topics, the -as we call it- Vitis initiative!

The Vitis initiative will set up a network of Greek research and academic institutions and people that work viticulture-related topics, bringing together key players and creating an online map of their activities and work (research institutions, scientist profiles, research projects, viticultural databases etc.). We start through a collaboration with the Viticulture Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens, in order to document its work that relates to viticulture research data and data management.



So, if you are a Greek scientist or institutions that is working with viticulture research data in the agri-food sector, we invite you to be a part of the Vitis initiative by sharing the information of your research project, team or institution and by adding this information and your viticulture data related sources and activities to the map, using the customized landing page set up in our AKstem product: It will take you less than 10 minutes!

Based on the information provided by the Greek viticulture research community, the Vitis initiative will create a visualised map of the major viticulture research activities (researchers, institutes, projects, etc.) in the country.

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