Organic-AgriWare …. Organic-AgriWhat ???

organic agriware web app
search engine for farmers researchers advisors

Organic-AgriWare is our new “FIWARE funded” web application that aims to help farmers, advisors and researchers to easily discover information related to organic agriculture with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The search results are retrieved by simply tapping into icons that represent categorized content or by querying through the simple search box that comes along with facets (terms, dates, persons etc.). Do you want more ?

In addition, a user can have location-aware document recommendations on organic agriculture.

organic agriware web app search engine for farmers researchers advisors

But what, a simple pretty interface? Now is the part that I like the most. All the “under the hood” implementation is based on the FIWARE cloud technologies. FIWARE cloud technologies like the Orion Context Broker and the Context Event Processing are the main components of our organic agriware cloud infrastructure. On one hand the Web app “talks” to Orion through restful Web services in order to store user preferences like geolocation, searched terms, term frequency and timestamp. On the other hand, Context Event Processing is the main component that triggers events under predefined conditions in order to provide the end user with all smart functionality like document recommendations relative to user habits.


Stay tuned; soon, a new post from the Bremen FISPACE face-to-face workshop will follow.

In the meantime, feel free to visit our Organic-AgriWare web app at and don’t hesitate to provide us with your feedback; the web app is under continuous development.

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