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Blue is everywhere

The Agro-Know blog started by the end of 2013, after a discussion I had with Nikos; I have already shared some parts of the story here and we have already celebrated the 100th one (but we missed the 200th in the meantime…). Today we are celebrating the 300th post on the Agro-Know blog!

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Yes, sometime we feel like the Spartans :-)

I am personally proud of the Agro-Know blog, as I have devoted a significant amount of time and effort in setting it up, shaping it, making it look beautiful (in terms of theme and user interface), administering it (backing up everything, moderating posts, installing and updating plugins etc.) but most of all making sure that fresh and interesting content is published on a periodic basis. However, the blog is a team work as we have already published 300 posts by thirty-one (31) authors and received comments on these posts by even more. After all, if it wasn’t for the interesting work of Agro-Know and the exciting outcomes of the Agro-Know team, this blog would not have any content 🙂

So far, the numbers are pretty encouraging: According to our Google Analytics account, the blog has received a total of almost 48,000 pageviews in 23,800 visits from 14,500 unique users; these blog visitors spend more than 2 mins on the blog, checking out two pages per visit on average.

Blog stats _20150827

Our most viewed posts so far are the following:

  1. AK Value of the month (April): Respect everyone and be fair
  2. Agro-Know Values: the story & the value of the month
  3. Agro-Know joins FREME’s kick-off meeting
  4. Hadoop Ecosystem: an Integrated Environment for Big Data
  5. A “Lean” War Room in AK

But what is also important is that through our blog we have managed to reach users from all over the world. Indeed, our blog has received visits from 155 different countries (the top 5 countries being Greece, USA, India, UK and Germany – Italy, Netherlands, France and Spain are also close), so we manage to spread the word about our news more or less!

Blue is everywhere

Blue is everywhere

The posts usually deal with issues related to

This means that if you are interested in any of the aforementioned topics, you have at least one reason to go through our blog and discover posts of interest to you and your work. And if you feel like commenting on them, be our guest; any comment is more than welcome!

We have some great blog posts in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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