Agro-Know: Staff and company structure

Growth of the AK team

It’s no secret that Agro-Know has grown a lot since its launch some years ago, back in 2008-2009; when we first got into our office in Vrilissia in January 2011, we were a bunch of people with a lot of ideas and eager to work, but with no company structure, no clear allocation of responsibilities, a lot of overhead and overlapping work etc. Since then, the team has significantly grown in number, we have made a lot of progress and most of these issues have been fixed. I am not the most appropriate person to discuss about that re-organization of AK, so I hope that someone else will follow up on this post, elaborating on the revisions made during the last couple of years.

Growth of the AK team

Growth of the AK team

However, with the precious help of my colleague Giota Makri, the Business Development Director of Agro-Know, who has collected, analysed and compiled some of the AK information in graphs and also prepared the AK crporate dissemination materials, we can now present some of them for your pleasure!


Currently, the Agro-Know team includes the following roles:

  • Business Development Consultants to pursuit and generate new business opportunities
  • Account Managers to effectively manage business projects and customer relations.
  • Technical Consultants to provide consulting services on a functional and technical level
  • Project Managers to coordinate team work and maintain time schedules and technical specifications of projects and applications.
  • Application Analysts to determine specifications of applications according to the projects operating requirements.
  • Event Managers to successfully consult, promote and organize Ak’s events
  • OER trainers to successfully project manage training sessions and OER initiatives
  • Data Scientists & Engineers to support agricultural research institutions and greed collections in networking their repositories.
  • Programmers to develop applications and design data bases
  • System Administrators to provide technical support for all information systems, network infrastructure and security systems



Allocation of AK team members in the various departments/teams


Αgro-Know’s team is complemented by high caliber external experts such as crop scientists, management consultants and event facilitation professionals.  For the effective development and efficient operation of the company, Agro-Know has organized its departments and delegated its activities to departments who aim to achieve effective customer service through well established procedures; this clarified the role of each member and aims to minimize overheads and overlapping of roles and responsibilities. The organizational chart is presented below; of course minor revisions take place, due to constant updates on the team’s focus and identification of new needs.



Organizational structure of AK


The Agro-Know team consists of experienced members, with a related educational background; there are people with background and experience as engineers, financial admins, administration, agronomists, librarians and information specialists, software engineers, web developers etc. There are people holding a BSc., MSc. and PhD in one of these disciplines and mostly, they keep their knowledge updated through additional training opportunities.


Allocation of academic qualifications in the AK team

Allocation of academic qualifications in the AK team


You can find more information about each one of the AK team members at the AK wiki and of course through the constantly updated list of individual presentations in the form of mini-interviews (the Know Agro-Know series of blog posts) with each one of the members; a work still in progress!

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