Need help with ECVET? Check out the ECVET-STEP Toolkit!


The ECVET-STEP project has been working on the development of instruments (e.g. software tools and standards, such as RULOs) and the methodology for these tools to be used and integrated in existing workflows and practices related to Vocational Education & Training. In this context, one of the challenges to be met by the project is  for it to be able to showcase the effectiveness of RULOs for the efficient adoption of ECVET principles by organisations engaged in mobility-based VET activities across Europe.

The ECVET-STEP project is also working towards the transformation of the systems’ architecture design and the associated metadata Application Profile for RULOs into a set of software components and services that can allow and facilitate the implementation and interoperability of competence-oriented software applications for VET. In order to meet this goal, a software toolkit has been developed and made available to interested organisations in order to

  1. assess their ECVET level of maturity and
  2. understand which ECVET principles and instruments better fit their operational model and workflows.

Both the ECVET maturity toolkit and the RULOs repository shall be adopted for the targeted agricultural domain. The specific objectives are (a) to illustrate how different and diverse software applications can be developed using the proposed metadata architecture and infrastructure; and (b) to create awareness and prepare case studies and guidelines for other software developers that would like to connect and re-engineer existing systems and services or built new ones for ECVET compliant applications in any sector.

Through an easy to use user interface, the ECVET-STEP Toolkit provides access to a wealth of information on ECVET, allowing any interested organisation may apply to achieve a progressive capability for supporting ECVET processes.



The toolkit is available at; you only need to click on the link and browse through the available options!


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