Uplifting workshop on the FIspace offerings


FIspaceOn Wednesday, September 2, 2015, Ι was in Bremen for participating in a FIspace workshop. The workshop’s goal was to present all the FIspace offered tools to companies, in order to help them easy develop their mashups and that was successfully achieved. The logic behind the workshopwas to explain the platform’s functioning from various point of views: the developer’s, the end user’s and the business architect’s.

FIspace is the space for business collaboration under the different FIWARE accelerator programmes. In FIspace every company can develop applications called mashups which could be offered to other businesses; in this way, an “under development” company’s product can grow very fast.

But what does Agro-Know aim at through its participation in FIspace? Agro-Know aims to help other companies include highly configurable applications in their own applications including data from the agricultural domain, depending to their needs. For example, an organization may want to include data on organic agriculture that are discoverable through a search box to its FIspace app. So, Agro-Know can offer such an app. In fact, this is the case with our Organic-AgriWare web app:

The workshop closed with two application presentations; one of them being Agro-Know’s Organic-AgriWare which I presented to the participants.

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