Remember, remember the 6th of December!

December 6th is the name day of Nikos and a big event in Agro-Know, as there is always a significant number of Nikos’s in the team:

There is always this myth surrounding AK, according to which one has more chances to be recruited if his first name is Nikos…who knows?

This day is really special for the office; just imagine the amount of sweet and savory stuff brought to the office by all these Nikos-es for celebrating their name day and the festive atmosphere created by all these celebrating guys. However, this year something strange happened; Nikos Manouselis decided to take the day off and spend it with his family, Nikos Palavitsinis had other plans, Nikos Marianos was flying to France and this left only Nikos Manolis represent the whole team of celebrating Nikos-es! He was kind enough to share a large box of cookies with us, which were really appreciated; however, the best are to come on Monday, when Manouselis and Palavitsinis will make a special appearance in the office!

Happy name-day guys! Wishing you all the best!

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