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DBpediaFor those working with linked open data, DBpedia does not need an introduction; for the rest, DBpedia is one of the largest linked open datasets available – the DBpedia dataset consists of 103 million RDF triples and is interlinked with other open datasets.

The DBpedia project focuses on the task of converting Wikipedia content into structured knowledge, such that Semantic Web techniques can be employed against it — asking sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, linking it to other datasets on the Web, or creating new applications or mashups. I will skip the more technical details on how this is achieved; you can find more information here.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data

DBpedia is one of the datasets that AGRIS is linked to; in fact, AGRIS extracts the definitions of concepts from DBPedia. It also provides you with the possibility to directly modify the information in Wikipedia.

DBpedia is a crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link the different data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data.

In this context, we were glad to have Markus Freudenberg from Leipzig University visiting Agro-Know’s offices on Tuesday 22/9 and delivering a lunchtime presentation on DBpedia. We were delighted to learn more both about DBPedia in general as well as about Markus’s work, which is focused on the development of dataID, the validation with RDFUnit and DBpedia+; you can read more in the following slides.

The presentation included parts on open datasets, ontologies, data and metadata management workflows and other stuff that Agro-Know is already working on but in a different context. These topics raised some interest from our technical team which posed specific questions; Markus was always glad to respond and share his expertise.

It has been a real pleasure meeting Markus, even for such a short time, and we would like to thank him for once more for taking the time to visit the Agro-Know offices and introducing us to DBpedia.

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