AK Value of the Month (October): Serve people, not solutions

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In October’s mini All-Hands session, the lucky number 7 value of the fundamental Agro-Know Values,  a.k.a. Serve People, not solutions, was chosen by Panagis and myself to elaborate on, and we certainly had our hands full with this one! According to this value:

“We listen to our customer needs and work in order to find ways to serve them. We understand their workflows and the problems that we can help with. We deliver more value than our customer expect. We are all involved in customer service delivery and happiness, regardless of the position or level”

While it a quite straightforward value and everyone can understand its meaning loud and clear, we had to think hard as to find the best way to present the value to the rest of the team and to figure out a way for the ambassador of the value to be declared through an open competition of some sort.

The main idea of this value, at least from our perspective and after decomposing it in its core, is that, if you do not know and understand the person that expresses a problem, then you cannot completely understand the problem, and therefore you cannot offer a proper solution to this problem. That is why all of us at Agro-Know, we first serve the people, by devoting time to understand them and their problems, and then we come up with a tailor-made solution, according to their needs.

And now that the obvious is out of the way, how can we turn this value into a team activity for everyone to participate and compete in a friendly and constructive way?

serve people value session 2

Who said what?

A few days before the session, we had asked everyone to send us via email some of the typical problem(s) that they face in their daily routine at Agro-Know. The idea was to gather real problems and to reveal them later during the value session, without telling the team who said what. Our logic behind this game was to make all team members think hard of their co-workers and of the problems they might be facing. So, how well do you (think you) know the person sitting next to you?

serve people valu session

Heavy thinking underway!

The challenge for everyone was to try and guess and correlate Agro-Know’s team members with the problems they had listed. The Agro-Know’er with the most correct correlations would be our Ambassador! Some of the problems mentioned were: “I would like more green in the office“, “For a green company, we don’t seem inspired by small natural elements of our environment, e.g. why do we turn on the lights all the time?“, “My desk is in the corner because I like to work peacefully but I don’t like that I am always cold from the open window” among others.

serve people value session 3

Perfect score?! Maybe some other time..

Everyone did their best, and after 15 minutes of heavy thinking, everyone turned in their answers and the winner was … Giorgos, who scored 9 out of 13 correct matchings! It seems that Giorgos knows us a little better than anyone would think! Or does he?

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