Why Open Access matters for researchers

Image source: http://libguides.library.usyd.edu.au/content.php?pid=170766&sid=4319141

Why Open Access matters for researchers? That was the focal question to be replied in the yesterday’s Open Access seminar “Preparing new researchers for the Open Science” that was organized by the National Documentation Center in the context of Open Access Week 2015. It was an introductive seminar for researchers aiming to discuss about practices and policies on Open Access and Open Science. Additionally, it provided an introduction on the matters of open access publishing, self-archiving in institutional repositories, data management, and about the really challenging issue of copyrights and licensing.

The presentations and the discussion focused mostly on the above issues:

  • What are the benefits of Open Access publishing?
  • Where could I self-archive my research publications and scientific data?
  • Why should I make publicly available my scientific data?
  • What about copyrights and licensing of my publications (benefits and challenges)?

If you are interested in this topic you can find more information in the links above:

.. and stay tuned for AKstem new release with more guidelines on Open Access & Data Management!

(Image source: University of Sydney Library)

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