Testing e-services for digital content enrichment at the FREME Hackathon


The hackathon of the FREME project took place at the premises of the University of Leipzig, Germany between 11 and 12/11/2015. As expected, the hackathon aimed at testing the FREME e-services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. The testing was achieved by developing our client side programs, collaborating with each other, discussing and solving our main problems. Agro-Know was there, as one of the project partners and made a presentation about our AKstem product and how it benefits from the outcomes of the FREME project by integrating specific e-services – in fact, Agro-Know is one of the project’s business cases.

More specifically, AKstem is integrating the FREME e-Entity and e-terminology web services for enriching existing records with new metadata values as FP7-related projects, ORCID for author identification and also enrichment with authors’ affiliation.

Thank you FREME people for this experience! Athens is waiting you for the next hackathon on December 2015.

DSCN0892 DSCN0893

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