Open Data in a Day for Business

odi athens seminar

On November 5th 2015, I had the opportunity -not to mention the pleasure- to follow my very first open data related seminar entitled “Open Data in a Day for Business”, organized by the ODI Athens node, at the premises of Epinoo.  ODI Athens logo

Working for over a year now at Agroknow, I have had an overall idea of what Open Data is all about, but this seminar seemed like the perfect opportunity to go deeper in this emerging topic. Although the audience consisted of totally different disciplines (including banking sector, public sector, freelancers and many more), there was a common ground: our need to know the “whats”, the “whys” and the “hows” of Open Data. The Certified Trainers from the Open Data Institute (ODI), Giannis Stoitsis and Fotis Routsis, were more than eager not only to help us obtain a comprehensive view on open data but also to answer all our questions.

odi athens seminar 2

After the necessary introduction to Open Data (what is Open Data, why Open Data now etc.), the discussion revolved around the law, the licensing and the certificates involved in Open Data. But it all came down to the sessions “Open Data means Business” and “How to make open data work for you” where our trainers explained how all this theoretical discussion can turn into opportunities and business models. And what better way to do this but to engage us in a series of exercises through real examples!

I personally left the seminar a lot wiser in terms of the topics presented. It was of course impossible to cover all aspects of Open Data in a one-day seminar. After all, this seminar is the first of many that will be organized by ODI Athens, something that I am sure we are all looking forward to!

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