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Τhe time has come. Not any more do we need to split our name in two, so that people may understand that we do agriculture+knowledge. All around the world, more and more find out about the small but mighty Greek superhero team that is doing magic with agricultural information. And they should know us by name: Agroknow. A single word that glues together agriculture with knowledge. A simple change in our name that conveys a powerful message.

We are Agroknow, the company that does the magic to seamlessly connect agriculture with knowledge. The company that is among the leaders of the global movement of open data for agriculture and nutrition. Our portfolio is impressive. Our partnerships are strategic. Our collaborations are amazing. Our product ideas are compelling. But we are also the team of humble, inspired, hard-working, smiling people that we have always been.We listen to and serve our clients and users with pride and joy, no matter the size of their organization or their budget. We design data-powered solutions that matter for this planet. We focus on the nitty-gritty details, we do the hard work and we make the dirty parts of it shine. And when you meet us, you see that why we are such a strong team: we enjoy working together, we have fun even under the most pressing circumstances, and we care for our people.

And the time was right. We called in one of the best Greek designers that put a little bit of her calm coolness and spice to re-vamp our brand. We thanked our old logo, keep it in the chest with valuable memories, and worked with Kanella-the-magnificent in order to create a new identity that we can carry on our wings when traveling the world, that will illustrate our philosophy and culture of work, that will communicate in a visual, minimal manner a very strong message about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


So this December, we change. We tell the world that we are firmly rooted on the grounds of the rich variety of information, in order to grow a tree of knowledge. We continue our hard work so that our tree grow its fruits until they become ripe enough to serve as the seed for another tree. And another tree. Until all agricultural information becomes globally available and accessible. And can be transformed to knowledge – and eventually wisdom. So that inspired humans can continue their effort to solve important and pressing problems of our planet. Because we are the team of Agroknow and that’s what we do.


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