Using competences & skills as the link between job offers and training opportunities


One of the key aspects of the market is to provide accurate links between the actual needs of the market and the training opportunities available in terms of skills and competences. In an ideal system, businesses will be able to describe their job offerings though a well-defined schema (including skills and competences needed for this position) and at the same time, individuals who want to apply for the specific position will be able to see if they meet the requirements defined by the business or if they need to improve their profile by taking specific courses that address the specific competences and skills of the specific position. This requires that all stakeholders use a standard for describing job offerings, job profiles and training courses.

In this context, the PACT Discovery Space allows users to find interesting Courses, Educational Resources and Job Profiles  related to Food and Agriculture. The courses are described using the “Pathways for Agricultural Competence and skills based Training” (PACT) framework, a result of the ACT LLP project, of which Agroknow is a consortium member. PACT is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), which will allow the sharing of definitions among different actors involved, i.e. agricultural VET providers, representatives of labour market and VET policy makers, and serve as a tool to modularize future training and make it more adaptable to the needs of the agricultural labour market.


This Discovery Space will serve as a common entry point for:

  1. VET providers to describe their training solutions targeted towards skills gaps as well as
  2. agricultural businesses and membership organizations to become aware of existing training opportunities.

The Discovery Space was built to support the Food Safety Knowledge Network (FSKN), a project of Michigan State University. FSKN’s goal is to help strengthen the food industry’s response to the complex food safety knowledge and training challenges that affect emerging markets by providing access to free learning resources. You can access the PACT Discovery Space here.


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