Know Agroknow: Meet Christina Tsoka


Christina Tsoka is another person who selected Agroknow for performing her internship and get some real working experience in her field. Christina has been with us for quite some time now and it was about time that she responded to our typical questions – the responses to which will allow us to get to know her better!

You are one of the latest interns to join the Agroknow team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agroknow vacancy?

Well, I first heard about Agroknow from my university’s internship office. When I was searching among job descriptions in order to find the best I was intrigued by Agroknow job position and opportunities that had to offer, so I applied and here I am.

 What is your educational background and which is your current role in the Agroknow team?

I am an undergraduate student of Athens University of Economics and Business. I am studying Marketing and Communication. In Agroknow I am mainly involved in Business Development department. During my internship i will be trained on importing new records (e.g. contacts & organizations profiles) into CRM, testing and validating the hypothesis for the AKSTEM Use service and the corresponding features and getting involved in the marketing activities of AKSTEM services.

What do you find interesting in your work with Agroknow so far? Do you see any challenges in your daily routine at the office?

The most interesting and fascinating thing during work is that everyone love working and they are very passionate about it. Seeing your coworkers trying their best gives you and extra motive to try harder. Another interesting thing that I couldn’t imagine happening is meeting people from all over the world. It a beautiful experience.

You are involved in the Business Development team of Agroknow; do you feel that your background helps you with your current tasks?

Yes definitely, most of the tasks are actually putting in practice everything that I have been studying four years now.

What are your hobbies / How do you spend your free time?
I like spending time with my friends, traveling as much as possible or just getting together and having fun. As for hobbies I play volleyball occasionally.

Where can we find you online?
You can definitely find my on Facebook, Linked In and email.

Favorite kind of music?

I love listening to music, any kind of music depending on my mood and time of the day but the song I constantly put on repeat recently is Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont.

Which was the last book you read / movie you watched?

I’ve seen recently many movies but the one that I was positively surprised was The Lobster directed by a Greek director named Yorgos Lanthimos. The last book that I read was The Eight, a novel by Katherine Neville.

What was the last gadget you bought and why you bought it?

As common as it may sound the last gadget that I bought was my cellphone. The reason I bought it was I needed a smartphone with a better camera.

Anything else to share with us?

I would like to thank Agroknow for the opportunity I was given and specifically my colleagues Babis and Thodoris for the time they have spend training and supporting me.

We would like to thank Christina for taking the time to respond to our questions and wish her all the best for the remaining of her internship in Agroknow and even after that!

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