Here is a BigDataEurope Webinar- Ready to join?


One of the components of Agroknow’s work in the context of the BigDataEurope Horizon 2020 project is to identify and promote big data initiatives and existing work in the agri-food sector and at a global level and see how these could be mapped to the technical work that the project will design and deploy at a later stage. At the same time, existing efforts, work and outcomes are studied and good practices are identified, in order to be adapted and adopted in different cases. In this context, we were happy to see some month ago CGIAR, a global network of fifteen (15) agricultural research centers all over the world, show activity towards the exploitation of big data for addressing food security.

Webinars@AIMSSince then, there has been some activity on the topic but nothing has been published as far as we know, so it is a great pleasure to contribute (as BigDataEurope consortium members) to the organization of a Webinar@AIMS that will allow Elizabeth Arnaud from Bioversity International (one of the CGIAR Centers) to present information on the big data analytics platforms that will provide services to the agrifood system programmes and partners, as envisaged by the corresponding CGIAR call some months ago. Elizabeth has a long experience with germplasm  data, among others, as well as a background on data management so she is one of the most appropriate persons to discuss about this topic.

The webinar is titled “Perspective on Big Data in the CGIAR” and will take place on Thursday, February 4th 2016 at 16:00 CET. If you are interested in attending, you will have to register to the webinar by sending an e-mail to, including your name, your affiliation, your e-mail and your country.

You can find more information on the FAO AIMS website.

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