Our strategy statement


It is interesting: when thinking about what “strategy” means, some random things come to my mind. Some of them are:
– The 1967 film Dirty Dozen
– The book Art of War by the Chinese general Sun Tzu
– The board game Stratego (now also available online which has a junior version that I just started playing with the twins 😉 )
– The computer game Warlords that consumed many of my youth nights

“Warlord, are you ready?”

Still, thinking in strategic terms goes far beyond planning your next chess (or Stratego) move, or admiring the castle conquer plan that Lee Marvin had. Especially as far as a company like Agro-Know is concerned. In order to better serve our people, our users and our customers, we need a simple, clear and specific statement about what our strategy will be. According to the literature, a 30 to 35 words statement that will explain where Agro-Know wants to go in the next few years.

So we thought about it, discussed about it, slept on it. We dissected it and re-constructed it. And here it is:

“In Agro-Know, we aim to grow to 35 full-time people by the end of 2016, by delivering globally specialised data-powered consulting services and customisable product offerings to all agricultural & biodiversity stakeholders, using modular, interoperable technology solutions, as well as, high quality data sources.”

Which means:
– From the 20 full-time (and some 15 part-time, as described here) we want to grow the Agro-Know family to about 35 full-time members
– We will still conceive, design, implement and deliver specialised data-powered projects and initiatives (such as our European and international projects)…
– …but we will also clarify our data-powered, customisable product and service offerings for a series of targeted user and customer segments.
– We will cover all stakeholders in the agricultural, food, environmental and biodiversity science spectrum (ranging from scientists and educators to farmers and citizens).
– We will put in practice our competitive advantages when doing so; our state-of-art and standards-compliant technology solutions, as well as our high quality data pools together with other types and sources of relevant data.

“Well, I can’t think of a better way to fight a war”

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