Using Big Data – in the food safety sector


Trying to emphasize on the importance of food safety information and data is probably meaningless; we are discussing about data that can be used for saving millions of lives each year so its management and sharing is of highest importance at a global level. And when we are talking about related information aggregated through various sources, we are talking about big data at the service of the food safety sector.

In this context, Agroknow CEO Nikos Manouselis made a trip to Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK in order to participate to an event simply titled “Using Big Data“, organised by the Cranfield University. Nikos was invited to talk to a food academia-industry network called Food@Cranfield about Agroknow’s work on scaling up food transparency and safety data sharing.


Since Big Data is the main theme of the meeting, Nikos provided the potential contributions of the BigDataEurope Horizon 2020 project (Agroknow being one of the consortium members), focusing on how the expected outcomes of the project could be applied in specific use cases, serving actual needs of the corresponding stakeholders. The AGINFRA e-infrastructure was the core point of the presentation, showing how it can combine different components for aggregating, managing and delivering information related to food safety.



Agroknow has been involved in various activities on food safety information and data, as well as on data management in the specific sector. Through our work, we have gained significant experience on the subject, that we try to transform into efforts like the Foodakai application that aims to facilitate the work of various types of stakeholders working with food safety information and data.





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