Building the new European e-infrastructure: Your opinion matters!


We have been following the updates and ongoing joint work (and plans for the future) of the major European networks in developing the European Open Science Cloud; it is a really ambitious effort that aims at providing all the necessary cloud, grid and other types of services to researchers in any discipline and research field so that they become more easily accessible and useful to their expected end users – the researchers. This process exhibits a high level of complexity, as it involves different types of stakeholders while it also needs to take into consideration the differences in the requirements of research communities activated in different contexts/domains.

This is where domain-specific research e-infrastructures like AGINFRA come and are expected to act as the intermediates that will represent domain-specific research communities and bring to the table requirements not only at a technical level, but also interoperability, content and others that may also affect the technical requirements needed for building the Open Science Cloud.

The European e-infrastructure currently supports the following:

  1. integrating and consolidating e-infrastructure platforms,
  2. prototyping innovative e-infrastructure platforms and services and
  3. policy and international cooperation for e-infrastructures.

In the context of the third and last Horizon 2020 Work programme covering the period 2018-2020, the existing European e-infrastructure is going to be enhanced. This update will be based on the actual needs and requirements of the users, as they have been differentiated since the last time that the e-infrastructure was updated – the new e-infrastructure needs to address new needs and challenges that have emerged during the last years.einfra_cloud_11186

Anyone wishing to contribute to the consultation, can visit the web page of the consultation before April 30th, 2016 and share his/her contributions in the form of a response to the initial post. In order to facilitate the process, four (4) questions have already been posed and wait to be responded.

So, if you want to shape the upcoming European e-infrastructure, have your say now!

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