Working on the AGRERI revamped website

Happy to receive a visit from the AGRERI team!

Last Friday (19/2/2016) we had the pleasure to host a meeting with the team of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AGRERI) in our premises. During the last few months both teams were working extensively on the revamp of the Institute’s official website. AGRERI is a major Greek Research Institute focusing on Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Development, and Entrepreneurship, while it supports farmers’ networks and cooperatives for deploying their Agribusiness Strategy.

Our friends at AGRERI wanted to upgrade their online presence, with a revamped website. Their most important requirement, though, was their strong will to create an online hub for showcasing the results of their research and also provide all interested parties (farmers, advisors, agricultural economists) with rich information from all over the world.

Agroknow team followed a design thinking process for the implementation of the new website for AGRERI. Everything started by collecting requirements not only from the side of the Institute personnel, but also from a sample of the website target audience – namely farmers, agricultural advisors, students and researchers. The expressed opinions from the audience side helped us to form a first set of wireframes (sketches) with a user-centered design and deploy the most important features for them.

Happy to receive a visit from the AGRERI team!

Happy to receive a visit from the AGRERI team!

To give you a sneak-peak on the features that are included:

  • An updated Staff page, with researchers’ profiles – interconnected with projects and publications of each researcher.
  • Α redesigned Institute’s Library page with faceted search and browse functionalities.
  • A knowledge hub with external libraries, which contains syndicated content from different sources (Legacy material for European cooperatives provided by Europeana, research reports and economic publications from renowned open sources such as FAO AGRIS and AgEcon)

There are few days left before the official launch of the revamped website, so keep an eye on the AGRERI website ( to explore the new website during the first days of March!

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