Hire the boss!

Well, I have been complaining for quite some time (weeks? months? years?) that others don’t do things the way I would do them, and they might claim that they are doers, but they simply don’t do things in the beautiful, unique, amazing way that I would do them.

It seems that nobody believed me. And I have decided to prove it. This is why, at the end of the month, we will start a new thing in Agro-Know that we call “Hire the Boss”. Simply put, this is going to be half a day every month during which I will be working FOR someone in the company (instead of having them working for me). This means that they will have to create some working space next to them, delegate to me one of their tasks, and then review my progress. And they can give me any task that they want, as long as I can implement it and I can help them do something that they really need help with – or something that completely bores them 😉

The boss: the one person who can’t quit or get fired. Still, you can publicly humiliate this person, if not performing as expected ;-)

This is not going to be as simple as it sounds: I expect people to be very well prepared about the task that they want to give me, treating me like a new hire that knows nothing about the company and that they want to try through a testing period. Our HR will ask people to submit a job offer, with a clear description of the task they have in mind and of how it fits their work in a way that will help them solve a real and pressing problem. And every month our HR team will evaluate these job offers and select one that seems to be most important and urgent for the company – with the simple rule that every Agro-Know’er can hire me only once per year.

Before the hiring session, I want people to think about and plan ahead so that when I go there they can welcome me and explain to me:
– what they generally do in their job and how it relates to the goals of the company
– the assigned task and how it fits to their overall activities
– how the assignment that they will give me fits what I can do as a person and professional
– how delegating it will help them better do their work
– what is the expected deliverable so that they let me go home
– by which criteria they will evaluate me in the performance report they will submit to the HR

So what do you think? Would you hire the boss?


  1. An update on this, while I am working for Dimitra (http://wiki.agroknow.gr/agroknow/index.php/Dimitra_Mermigki) during my 2nd Hire The Boss session (April’14): everything goes smoothly, it seems that people are doing things that I have never thought of. Right now, Dimitra has given me the challenging task of doing data entry in an ERP system in order to understand better how such things work, as well as the useful information that may be produced.

    Working for Laura (http://wiki.agroknow.gr/agroknow/index.php/Laura_Gavrilut) during the March’14 session was a bit more tough. She was watching closely over my shoulder while I was organising material in the Agro-Know server, making sure that important files are easily and nicely made available to everyone.

    Today I do get a chance of taking a look at my e-mails or posting some comment on the blog. I hope that my supervisor does not notice it, or starts wondering why this task takes so long 😉


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