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The other day I was preparing my contribution on the AK value of the month (see here) where I posted some data regarding the business trips AK people have done over the last year.

With AK having a great R&D profile and being involved in a number of projects, it is this type of work that requires a lot of travels in order to attend project meetings, workshops, conferences and other events. Off course with each event being very different, the trips are distributed among many of AK people.

When I first had the idea of trying to capture the trips AK people had done over the past year, I didn’t expected to be so amazed by the results. With my initial idea being just to visualize all trips in a map, I came across the site where I could easily enter my data, visualize the results in the map and also get very interesting statistics. Unfortunately, since the data where not in a format where I could just upload them, I had to manually enter all values. I have to say that due to the limited time I could spent in such an exercise, in most cases I have only uploaded the overall flight paths without the, more than usual, in between transit stops, so the actual numbers are even higher.


So talking about numbers:

During 2013, AK people had to do more 150,445 miles with an airplane. That is, in other words, going around the word 6.04 times, or (as I prefer better) flighting more than half way to the moon (63% of the distance) and just 0.43% of the distance to Mars.

We have traveled to more than 18 countries and visited 32 airports (and yes many times, our mobiles and laptops recongize and enter automatically the wifi network of some airports).

Overall, last year, we spent 15 days, 7 hours and 31 minutes flying, which is 367 hours and 31 minutes or 22,051 minutes in the air.

I find the above numbers amazing! There are a lot of times that we discuss in the office about the trips and time we spend traveling and about times when the office looks empty (see here or here), but looking at the actual numbers is at least astonishing.

I would like to come back to this with next years stats.

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  1. Andreas, I think it will be fair if you will also mention by how many people all these km (miles) were made [km per capita]. I think knowing that less than 15 people travelled 6 times around Earth would be even more impressive 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking the time to prepare this analysis; I was also amazed by the numbers as I never realized how much we tend to travel within a year! As Veronika said, if we take into consideration that not all AK team members are travelling, these numbers look even more impressive!

  3. I fully agree with Veronika, here are some more interesting findings
    -15 people made 126 trips with an average 8.4 trips per person
    -10.5 trips per month or 2.3 trips per week!! If we take into account holidays and others we can come to the conclusion that per average 3 person are traveling per week
    -each person travels more than 10.000 miles and spend more than 24 hours in the air per year

    Simply Amazing! (this is an example of using data the right way)


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