Building the new web site of GODAN

As part of our #wesupport activities, Agroknow team worked on a very exciting project during the last three months: the development of the new web site for Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). The new web site goes beyond a mere communication site. It constitutes an information gateway for this very important initiative and at the same time it is a tool that facilitates the collection and management of the information about GODAN partners.
The new web site targets organisations and individuals that are interested in news, resources, datasets and events that are relevant to Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition. More specifically, the new GODAN web site presents the details of more than 250 organisations that are partners of the network. It is a powerful tool for the GODAN Secretariat team to share news, material and information about Open Data events. Organisations that are interested to join the network can follow a simple process to register as GODAN partners. Individuals can sign up for the GODAN newsletter and to specific events that they would like to participate.
Our team developed a repository of events and resources, such as case studies, success stories, presentations and research outcomes. In addition, we built a repository of datasets that is automatically connected to CIARD RING (, the central registry of datasets and services for agriculture and nutrition. The new web site can also ingest information about events, news, datasets and resources from external sources. To enable the easy access to all these information types we developed faceted based search mechanism.
And of course all the data of the new web site are available as open data ( inline with the principles of openness that the GODAN promotes.
For the development of the GODAN web site we used open source software such as Drupal ( and CiviCRM (, as well as AKSTEM ( modules for data ingestion, linking and discovery. All the modules are available through our github repository ( These are methods and modules that Agroknow team has used also in our previous exciting projects such as the development of the Land Library of the Land Portal (, the Tropical Agricultural Platform knowledge repository ( and the Global Knowledge Hub for the Water Pathogens (
The main goal of all these exciting projects is always the same: to make true the vision of the most important organisations working with Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition.

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