Vitis Big Data Demonstrator @ Open Harvest 2016


May was all about Agroknow’s Open Harvest! The logic behind this meeting has been explained in detail here and one of the major outcomes is the -already famous- Chania Declaration.

As promised and planned, on Thursday 19th of May, second day of the meeting and after the end of all discussions and presentations, it was time to offer all participants a first sneak preview of the use case pilot demonstrator that we have been developing in the context of the BigDataEurope Horizon 2020 project.

Vitis demo @ open harvest

In order to help participants visualize what this demonstrator will be all about and what problems could help solve, we had organized a hands-on-visit to a nearby traditional vineyard and winery. We were welcomed by Antonis of the Dourakis Winery who was kind enough to take us for a tour in the family’s vineyards and present the current status of Greek viticulture from the commercial point of view.

At the same time, and amidst our in situ presence in the vineyard, it was the perfect opportunity to connect this commercial perspective with the researcher perspective and explain what the grapevine varieties research activities are. A key point is to see how all this interconnects and how problems that are solved through research and applications like our use case pilot could have direct correlation and impact on wine growers and wine makers.Vitis demo @ Open Harvest

After the visit in the vineyard, we had a quick look at the winery and then it was time for the Vitis Big Data Demonstrator (SC2 use case) presentation, accompanied with a fine winetasting. Participants had the opportunity to taste some of Crete’s local wines from indigenous grapevine varieties while we presented them with the pilot demonstrator and examine what the challenges on typical data collection, management, processing and visualization are. Feedback was collected through discussions on the pilot from different perspectives.

Some of its components and the logic behind the demonstrator can be found here and here, while more details and interesting things will follow as the development continues. Stay tuned!


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