Social Impact: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

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Social media has been for quite some time now (for sure since the Facebook phenomenon), in the epicenter of the discussion for all kinds of businesses! Both online and offline, businesses are looking for ways to attract new customers through harvesting the power of social media such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Specific strategies with really specific milestones and metrics are set trying to catch the social/viral train! Job positions have already emerged where dealing with social media campaigns is not just a side-task but covers most of the working day! Social media gurus are here already, sharing their wisdom about social media, thus creating along with a long list of other professionals, a market for these services.


I bet that you as well have a social media, kind of, strategy! You probably promote some kind of business or personal hobby page or event through Facebook and other social platforms. If you do, you have also opened, as have I, the control panel of your page/event/campaign/website, to take a peak at the reach of your posts, the visits to your page, etc. But how sure can you be that someone actually pays attention to what you have to say? Are “visits” capable on their own, to indicate how users interact with what you post? I think not! If you want to be really serious about your social media impact, it would be a nice idea to use the right tool for the job, or at least get input from various sources so that you can analyze your social impact in the most efficient way possible!


Some time ago, almost 1,5 year ago, I was playing around with a tool called “Klout”. At the time being, not many people knew about it. Being a bit sceptic myself, I registered and saw a number that corresponded to my social “power” or impact if you will. This number comes from data collected from a variety of social platform accounts you may have active. It calculates and generates a score based on the comments, likes, retweets, shares, etc. that your posts get, and it serves it back to you, letting you know how influential you are online! Recent articles from the business world, indicate that employers may also appreciate a high Klout score on the topics that are relevant to your field of research and expertise! Of course, no attention will be paid to high Klout scores that are linked with posting funny videos or photos online when you apply for a job in a bank…!

My personal Klout score is around 56 at the moment with surveys stating that most people have a Klout score of around 20 to 40. How much is yours?

  • If you want to find out, set up your personal or company Klout account, here
  • If you want to check out some other, similar social media impact tools, look here





  1. That’s a really interesting article!

    I was one of those accepting your invitation to join Klout some months ago and I have just connected my Twitter account (if I recall well); my current score is 35 but I have to admit that I have not played around with Klout, do not know its features and I have only connected my Twitter account. However, I took this opportunity to connect also my Google+ and LinkedIn accounts so I will check back in about a month to see how my score is doing.

    It would also be interesting to test it with the AK corporate accounts and see where they stand 😉

  2. Well, it fluctuates actually… My account was around 13-15 cause I too had not link all the accounts I could have… If you look around, you will see the 90-day history they keep which is also interesting. If you don’t post regularly on the social media, your Klout scores go down but once you start posting again, they rise… 35 is quite good! You’re one of the influential people in AK Vassili! 😉

  3. Thanks! I was looking for this! 😉 We have an informal battle with Miguel now, about the Klout score! 😉


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