EGI-APARSEN workshop



My latest trip was related to my participation in an EGI-APARSEN Community Workshop focusing “Managing, computing and preserving big data for research”. The workshop was held in the premises of the Science Park of the University of Amsterdam, from the 4th to the 6th of March, 2014. The meeting was a chance to meet and learn about the work of APARSEN in methods and sustainability of managing and archiving data.A number of presentation presented user scenarios from different disciplines such as the European Space Agency regarding earth observation data, seismology and others. During the event the agINFRA project was also presented as aninitiative that provides tools to implement a data managing plan.

As discussed in the meeting, in our case the problem description involves not one initiative or organization that creates data and wants to preserve, but how to “translate” this to the numerous stakeholders of agINFRA. The idea of packaging the agINRFA tools and guidelines as a way for project, organizations and initiatives to implement a data management plan was also discussed as a way to productize the agINFRA outcomes. Similarly, since the agINFRA tools already implement a number of the steps of the data seal of approval, this could also be included as one of the marketing “punch lines”.

Generally I really enjoyed this event, getting in touch with the EGI and APARSEN people and getting their point of view in our work was a nice experience.

Out of the context, but as it happened, without knowing, I was traveling in the same flight with Nikos Manouselis. Imagine our surprise when we met in the airport at 6:00 am.

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