AK Value of the month (March): Proud Delivery

It has already been more than one month since the launch of the “Value of the Month” concept and series of blog posts in AK. In the previous (and initial post), the full list of AK values, the methodology for defining these values as well as the process for highlighting the role of the Value of the month and discussing about it were presented.

Well, the value of the month this time is No 8, “Proud Delivery“. According to the official list of values, the concept of the Proud delivery is that 


We only undertake work that we can deliver with the highest quality standards that will make us proud; our reputation is more important than any single project.

As expected, this can be interpreted in several ways; to my understanding, this means that we need to feel responsible for what we are doing and do our best in order to provide the best outcome possible in all cases. It is obvious that in such cases each one of us represents the company and acts on behalf of it, therefore we should make sure that the outcomes we deliver meet the quality standards of Agro-Know. In an ideal world, where time would not be an issue, all time and effort required for a specific task would be assigned to it; however, based on actual facts and taking into consideration the amount of tasks assigned to each person and the time limitations for each one of them, each person needs to ensure that he/she will be able to deliver the best possible results in the defined and allocated time and effort, as well as other limitations that may exist.

My experience shows that working with EU project is a really demanding work so it is not always possible to provide outcomes as they were initially planned (due to various factors, such as lack of enough time, dependence on external factors etc.); still we need to find the way to deliver outcomes that will make us proud, both at personal as well as at corporate level.


Source: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/proud_delivery_boy_mesh_hat-148163807325804647


According to Veronika, Proud delivery for me is – don’t promise if you can’t fulfill it. Undertake only in case you can complete it in the time frames you promise, otherwise reschedule and inform the waiting part. Since we work and collaborate with many colleagues, we should always keep on mind that there is no first or second priority, if you undertake and promise to deliver. When we implement the task, we do our best and we are sure and proud for whats done. Otherwise, I personally prefer to reschedule and extend the deadline if possible.

It would be interesting to see what other AK team members have to say about the value of the month: In the comments to this post feel free to speak out your thoughts about the value of this month, express ideas, comments, give examples or even just upload a photo/picture that represents the way you understand the value.

Your contribution is not obligatory, but we would like to see 18 different comments – all of them before March 28th!!


  1. Working on projects will never lead us to something of high quality (except from projects of course, where we ROCK 🙂 ) . Talking from my perspective and with my -very little- experience in projects, the quality of a product (I’m talking about software) which is produced for a project can never be high, due to developing procedures which includes different participants, from different domains, with different personal purposes and without very clear targeting and technologies decisions. The only common goal of all of them is to finish the project and get the $€.

    I truly believe that our team is more than that and that we can really create things that we will be proud of.
    We already try to do it. I see it everyday. In everyone of us. But it’s very difficult under the given circumstances.

    I believe that in order to do it we have to see the real needs of our potential users,
    with clear mind and without the pressure of having to use things we already have implement(if this happens it will be great of course). Our starting point should be our users and their needs. Take decisions about technologies we will use, master these technologies and create REAL products with them. Only then our products will be in high quality and we can be proud for them.

    This is a video from another company I admire

    I want to believe that one day we will be real proud about what we make
    and what we offer to our community.

    • Of course, this makes sense. It’s not that projects are not trying hard to achieve their goals and provide high quality outcomes; as you mentioned, working with projects has some limitations.

      What I like though is the fact that we have set the quality standards so high, that we manage to achieve high quality outcomes despite the issues and difficulties. Of course we know that we could have done even better and this leaves us some room for improvement (and of course hopes for a more relaxed work, which would also make us feel more proud of what we deliver). 😉

  2. Proud delivery… Interesting choice of words! I really like the word proud. It’s a word with many different meanings, every time it’s used. Looking at the hat above, I am immediately thinking about a pizza delivery boy that rings a doorbell to deliver a hot, tasty pizza to a client. What does “proud” mean in this case, I wonder…? Is he proud for the fact (a) that the pizza is delicious, (b) that its condition is amazing (not cold, not stuck on the box interior from rushing to deliver), (c) that the clothes he’s wearing and his general appearance is impecable? Or (d) that he is working for one of the most recognized pizza chains in the country? Well, I think the right answer here is all of the above and maybe some more…

    We try to make sure, that despite the time constraints that we all have, when we undertake a task, what is delivered is exactly the same quality as it would have been if we were making it for ourselves to use. We treat our customers just the same as if they were ourselves, asking for services like the ones we provide. We do this in a professional way, being proud of the company we work for. We also want to hit the “send” button or the “print” button with confidence and with pride that what we “send” or “print” for our clients is top notch! And we don’t undertake tasks for the sake of it or just for money. When we know that proud delivery is not feasible, we do not hesitate to pass on any task, putting our ethics and beliefs above anything else.

    In a few words, from the smallest task to the biggest challenge, we undertake all of them, with tediousness. No task is bigger or smaller than anyone, just as the image indicates…

    Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/9580707/US-election-2012-President-Barack-Obama-turns-pizza-delivery-man.html

  3. Be proud of yourself and your work

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a restroom janitor or a president of a multi-million dollar company. Taking pride in the work you do is the first step in job satisfaction. Give it your best. Always go for quality work. At the end of the day, knowing that you’ve done your best gives you a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

    Source: “http://www.succeedwiththis.com/being-happy-with-your-current-job/”

    Another intersting article: “http://www.betterproductivityblog.com/how-to-be-proud-of-your-work/”

  4. In my understanding “proud delivery” is about presenting your work in wide audiences and feeling comfortable enough to give meaningful answers in any question.

  5. Well, being a proud-delivery-maniac let me give a different perspective to this value:

    a) “Proud conception”: we feel excited very early about the difficult problems we tackle, because we know that we need to do some magic that we will be proud of. It’s that part of proud delivery that affects your thinking and doing before “delivery” even starts.

    b) “Proud feedback”: we feel obliged to review carefully the work that our team mates are producing and give them constructive peer review input that will help us improve even better the final outcome. It’s where you are eager to help others deliver with pride, thus making you proud of them.

    c) “Proud existence”: every time that we say to someone that we are part of the Agro-Know team, the responses and feeling that we get back makes us feel so proud about being part of something so unique and extraordinary. It’s where we feel proud about the company that we are all building, about the things that we are all doing, and about the fact that we are part of this gorgeous team.


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