Lean AKademy – Episode I


Last Wednesday (26/3/14) we started our Lean adventure in AK, kicking off, our very own, Lean AKademy! After quite some time of planning, reading, preparing and arguing about it, the time came for me personally to welcome six colleagues into the first iteration of the Lean AKademy three-phase cycle!

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice for all of us in AK but also anyone who’s interested, if we could follow the work of the Lean AKademy as it evolves through time! To this end, I inaugurate a series of blog posts that will come shortly after each workshop, containing a basic outline of what we did, along with my personal highlights of the day. I hope that this will help you get an image of the nice things we will be doing! If you’re looking for more details, we will have formal reports available to anyone that asks for them!

This Wednesday we had our first meeting with our three teams! Nikos-Effie, Babis-Stavros and Elena-Thodoris came to our first meeting with some initial ideas that they wanted to explore further. We started by introducing everyone to the Lean Approach and then discussing a bit on their expectations of this course. Being on the same page as far as the process goes, we moved on to discuss their ideas, aligning them with the AK strategy and personal interests of the participants! I am happy to say that we have our three ideas which are the following:

  • Train the Trainers on Food Safety of Agricultural Products (Babis-Stavros)
  • Support Multilingual Discovery Services and Visualizations on Research Data (Elena-Thodoris)
  • Information Sharing, Exchange and Discoverability of Content by Food Safety Providers (Effie-Nikos)

After identifying our initial ideas, we tackled the different parts of a Lean Canvas, providing a definition for each one and asking step-by-step from our teams to complete the respective part (problems, customers, channels, etc.). Finishing with this phase, approaching the end of our first workshop, we put all our contributions on our Lean Canvases (accessible in the AK meeting room throughout the course) and explained each team’s thinking. This part really allowed us to understand all the ideas in some detail, making sure that all teams really understand what the other are doing, allowing a better collaboration among them! Are you wondering how this looked? Well, see for yourselves!


In the end of the day, all the teams were asked to work on their Lean Canvases, based on supportive material that they were given. Our goal for next week is to reflect on the refined canvases and discuss the next step of interviewing potential customers to validate our problems, customers and alternative solutions. Stay tuned till the next episode of Lean AKademy, coming on 1/4/2014!


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