Know Agro-Know: Meet Effie Tsiflidou


This time we get to know a little bit more about Effie Tsiflidou, one of the initial members of the Agro-Know team; thanks to her background as an Information Scientist she has a core role in the data team of AK, which she is currently leading. She has evolved during the last years from an all-around player to a focused team leader, which put an increased number of responsibilities and organizational tasks on her shoulders – still she’s doing just great with that!  


1. Effie, when did you join the Agro-Know team? Any interesting story behind your recruitment?

Actually, it’s a fine story! I had just returned to Athens (before that I was working at the University Library of Ioannina, Greece) and I was looking for job. One day my mother while having a coffee with one of her friends, she mentioned about me searching for work. And it was exactly this moment that enters the room the son of my mothers’ friend – a guy very social with a strong spirit of curiosity! Of course he “interviewed” my mother asking about my background. My mother explained that my studies focus on digital libraries and metadata (I’m really curious how she managed to remember “strange” things like metadata) and that was it! The name of this guy is Nikos Palavitsinis, and during that time with Nikos Manouselis and the rest of the team were ready to move in our new premises at Grammou street. Initially, I joined the team as part time (back in November 2010) working in the Natural Europe ICT-PSP project and from January 2011 our collaboration became full time!


2. What is your role in the team?

I’m a happy and proud member of data team! I’m mainly involved in educational resources (but also other type of data sources) curation workflow, which means: metadata and data models design, metadata collections enrichment, mappings between metadata schemes, and in the design & development of discovery services.


3. What do you find interesting in your work with AK?

What is really interesting is that we contact so many people with completely different background from all around the world!


4. Where can we find you online?

LinkedIn, Twitter (Comment by Vassilis: I confirm, you will not find Effie in Facebook!)


5. Last movie you saw / last book you read?

Movie: Jim Jarmusch “Only Lovers left alive”

Book: Luther Blissett “Q”


6. Any specific achievement for which you are proud?

Working with Natural History museums to create, design, describe, license and make available online and through Europeana their digital collections (educational and cultural)! Amazing people to work with and quite particular case of data sources!


7. What was the last gadget you bought and why you bought it?

Smartphone.. Do gadget people consider this as a gadget? 🙂


Thank you Effie for taking the time to provide your feedback on our questions!


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