Lean AKademy – Episode III

The third meeting for the first iteration of the Lean AKademy is now history! 😉 We have met today for the third time, to work on our ideas in the “lean way”! With the exception of Nikos Manolis that was working with our Chinese and Italian guests, we took our notes and spend a fruitful three hour session working on our ideas!

Once more, we started with the theoretical part of the session, discussing about our interview scripts and forms that the participants prepared in between our last meeting. We discussed a bit about personas/archetypes of customers and how we can use these descriptions to locate more suitable interviewees through our existing contacts. In addition to that, we watched and commented on this really helpful video on how you interview customers, which gave us some fresh perspectives on the process. One of our teams (Effie & Nikos) has already started the interview process and they have some initial insight which was briefly shared with the group. The other team (Babis & Stavros), has identified an initial list of potential interviewees and they are contacting them already to arrange interviews with them. The third team (Thodoris & Elena) have already compiled a list with contacts and are now finalizing their customer persona to use it to narrow down this big list to the first candidates for an interview.

Having completed the theoretical part, we returned to our Lean Canvases! We decided that the previous versions that we developed (see previous post photo), we not useful to us, so we created new versions of our lean canvases, incorporating all the details that were “cleared” since our last meeting. As you can see below, we brighten up the colours a bit and we used separate post-its to make our canvases easier to adapt and pivot!

LC-colour-1 LC-colour-2 LC-colour-3

Each team took some time to explain to all of us their lean canvas, while the rest of the teams, including me, commented, offered insights and asked questions in order to be able to understand the thought process of our colleagues. We concluded another interesting session with the tasks for the next time and we re-newed our appointment for next week! Stay tuned for more info to come next Tuesday! Till then, keep it lean! 😉


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