Startups: What are they? Really…

On the 24th of April, I had the priviledge of seeing an article of mine, published in the weekly edition of the Finance & Markets Voice newspaper! It was a short position article of 300 words, in which I shortly discussed the concept of a startup, as this is perceived in Greece, also discussing data that come from all around Europe. Since the article was in Greek, I decided to attempt to translate it and share with the rest of the AK team but also our followers, here! Enjoy…!

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We read in an article from Endeavour Greece that within 2013, amidst the crisis in Greece, 144 startups were founded, gathering a staggering funding of 42 million euros. Impressive, nonetheless! It’s a glimmer of hope for all of us that try to find one ray of light in the darkness of the crisis. 

Nevertheless, to get some perspective on the numbers above, in London, in Silicon Roundabout, you can find 2.000 startups that employ almost 48.000 people. On the other hand, in Spain, according to Bloomberg, Spanyards begin some efforts to build startups, without a specific business opportunity in mind, merely trying to get themselves employed in any way. The same article mentiones that in Germany and France, the number of startups has started declining significantly. Is this a glimpse of the future for the rest of Europe? 

I truly cannot say for sure, but reading all of the above, I really understand that hope is a deceiving and torturing feeling sometimes. This is why in the middle of the startup frenzy that we all live in, listening to amazing numbers and success stories, we have to try and get our heads together and around this startup notion, in a more pragmatic and realistic way. 

For me, a startup is not only a tech startup that builds taxi applications and games for our smart phones. A startup may as well be this small shop in our neighbourhood, a small dinner, a shoe store, etc., that starts its business in the middle of the crisis, with limited resources, addressing new or traditional needs in a novel way. Let’s not make everything about apps then. 

Above all, a startup is the perception that we can take our own future in our hands, starting our own business. It goes without saying that for one brilliant idea that worked, another fourty existed, that failed in pain! So, until some venture capital throws at us some thousands of euros, let’s do the one thing that has more chances of getting us through this “external” crisis but also the crisis within. 

Let’s work with method and persistence, going against all the practices and ideas that brought us here, living in this crisis. This is the only road we can take to change the things that are in our arm’s reach. Let’s start from there and move on to the next…”

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