Lean AKademy – Episode V

The fifth episode of our Lean AKademy, was completed on Tuesday (29/4) afternoon! This was the first meeting where we really focused on some concrete outcomes of interviews that the teams have carried out so for. This time, we skipped the theoretical part that was about metrics and channels, and postponed it for the next time, to get some additional minutes to talk about our canvases and interview results.

Effie's & Nikos's results

In the photo above, we see Effie presenting the results from the initial set of interview, she and Nikos Manolis carried out over the past few weeks. Discussing on these outcomes helped a lot both Effie and Nikos to better define their work but also the rest of the teams in knowing what to expect more or less from each interview. Effie took advantage of a meeting that she attended and carried out some interviews in a more informal way, through discussions that she later recorded, which was also a nice and useful approach to the interviewing process.

Our two remaining teams had some problems getting in touch and reaching their interviewees, so we discussed ways in which this can be improved and we gave them some additional contacts. As it turns out, one of the most difficult things about lean, is finding people that have the time and willingness to talk to you and help you out with the idea you’re working on! Despite that, we do have for you the first versions of the canvases our teams created, in digital (read-only) form, found below:

  • Canvas for “Training the Trainers on Food Safety of Agricultural Products” (Babis-Stavros)
  • Canvas for “Supporting Multilingual Discovery Services and Visualizations on Research Data” (Elena-Thodoris)
  • Canvas for “Information Sharing, Exchange and Discoverability of Content by Food Safety Providers” (Effie-Nikos)

For the next meeting, all the teams will look again at their interviews, trying to collect as many as possible and document them in the respective reports. For our next meeting, we will focus on distribution channels and metrics for our lean experiments and products. Alongside this theoretical part, the new interview outcomes will be discussed with the teams, getting us one step closer to defining problems, refining customer segments and identifying existing alternatives, which are our three exit criteria from this Lean AKademy iteration, to the next!

Stay “tuned” next week (Thursday) for a new episode of the Lean AKademy!



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