EdReNe 11th Conference

EdReNe 11th  Conference

The 11th EdReNe Conference took place on 6/5/2014 at the premises of the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” in Athens, Greece. It was co-organized by Agro-Know and CTI, Angeliki having put a significant amount of time and effort in finalizing the agenda of the meeting, taking care of all the practicalities/logistics ensuring that everything will flow smoothly. The Conference was attended by 24 people from 9 different countries.

Despite the fact that traditionally EdReNe takes place by the end of each year, this time we explored the opportunity to host it a little bit earlier; this would allow us to collocate it with other events and also to investigate funding opportunities in the context of the Horizon 2020 programme. Indeed, the EdReNe 11th Conference took place a day after the ARIADNE foundation General Assembly for 2014 and a day before the LRE Sub-committee meeting, a fact which allowed members of the two networks to attend the EdReNe Conference as well, actively contributing to the agenda of the event and bringing an alternative approach to it.


EdReNe 11th  Conference

Partial view of the EdReNe 11th Conference participants

This time the EdReNe Conference consisted of the following sessions:

  1. Learning Resource Exchange panel
  2. Social Data & Analytics: Social Data aggregation for learning recommenders and analytics
  3. Linked Data in Educational Repositories
  4. Exploiting Data for Educational Purposes
  5. Training Academy for Content Providers: An Open Discovery Space session aiming to provide the basic principles to people who wish to create and operate their own repository/metadata aggregator
  6. News from Members


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You may find more information about each session in the agenda of the Conference. What was interesting about the Conference is that it included (as usually) a wide variety of topics related to learning resources and repositories within each session;

  • ongoing EU projects related to learning repositories,
  • linked data for repository managers (e.g. ARIADNE linked data exposure) and applications of linked data (e.g. Europeana Judaica),
  • social data, platforms and tools (e.g. the demo of the AgLR tool),
  • presentations aiming at repository managers,
  • presentations aiming at content providers,
  • initiatives at national level (e.g. Photodentro) and at international level (e.g. Terena OER aggregator),
  • presentations through Skype (Enayat Rajabi/UAH) and Webex (Karin Whooley),
  • portals (Scoilnet & Green Learning Network / Organic.Edunet),
  • visualization of metadata management workflows (elastic search / Kibana),
  • discussions, panels etc.

 As for the contributions, they were offered from various sources but it would be nice to mention (among others) the help from Ellinogermaniki Agogi, the Greek Research & Technology Network and of course the CTI Diophantus; let alone Enayat from UAH who was asked (and actually delivered) two presentations in two days through remote participation. In addition, it was nice to have some ARIADNE Foundation partners as well as LRE members on board, delivering presentations during the Conference and contributing to the discussions.


Nikos Manouselis facilitates the Social Data & Analytics session


All these in just one (long) day – from 09.00 to 19.30! It is obvious that the day was full and the agenda was packed with presentations, demonstrations and discussions; in order to stick to the program we needed to make several adaptations on the fly and in the end we managed to finish only 30 mins later than planned; however, the discussions were so interesting that noone complained. The day ended with a dinner at Scholarheio restaurant, only a few minutes from the meeting place, where the meeting participants had the opportunity to get involved in more informal discussions.

Overall, the meeting was a success, managing to bring together people from different networks, initiatives and projects, both old EdReNe members and new potential ones, blending the experiences with new ideas. There was no discussion about the hosting of the next EdReNe meeting, but the decision is expected to take place later this year. The presentations of the Conference will be soon available through the wiki page of the event.

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