Know Agroknow: Meet Christina Tsoka


Christina Tsoka is another person who selected Agroknow for performing her internship and get some real working experience in her field. Christina has been with us for quite some time now and it was about time that she responded to our typical questions – the responses to which will allow us to get to know her better!

You are one of the latest interns to join the Agroknow team. Would you like to share some info on how you found us and what drew your attention in the Agroknow vacancy?

Well, I first heard about Agroknow from my university’s internship office.… Click to read the full post

Know Agro-Know: Meet Christina Papachristou


It has been quite a long time since we last interviewed any of our team members; and in the meantime we had some new arrivals in the team! This time, we are interviewing Christina Papachristou, a person that has undertaken responsibilities in the Human Resources team of Agro-Know.

Christina was kind enough to provide us with her responses to our questions, so let’s take some time and go through them!

You are one of the latest interns of Agro-Know. How did you find us at first place and what drew your attention in the Agro-Know job opening?

My archives tell me that I found you through a search engine machine, as I was searching for a fresh and exciting opportunity in HR.… Click to read the full post

Agro-Know Admin Department at a Glance

The Admin (Admin) is one of the four Agro-Know Departments. Since 2009 Admin team in Agro-Know is evolving and growing inside and together with Agro-Know itself. Our fours teams are supporting Agro-Know in all its businesses:

1) Office management. For the last 1.5 years we are having two offices with 25 people working in them full-time or part-time. Office management team is supporting all the logistics, secretary works, provisions of consumables etc. In two words – keeping the everyday work environment and work process smooth and flawless. Athina Makri undertakes all these tasks and many more.

2) Project Management Office. Probably the oldest admin team with its rules, workflows, etc. … Click to read the full post